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Hasbara on Campus for Israel’s 65th Birthday – University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

So this year I decided to take things into my own hands and spread some pro-Israel propaganda throughout campus at the University of Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal. I made, printed and cut flyers with generally unknown very positive facts about Israel on 3 cathegories: Diversity, Knowledge and Life. I made 300 of these. I also […]

The Correct Map


1 year since my op-ed “Why I no longer hate Israel” was published on Ynet

It’s been 1 year since my op-ed “Why I no longer hate Israel” (hebrew version here) was published on ynet during Passover 2012, a time which marked the start of one of the most interesting periods of my life. My article was recommended by the Vice-Prime Minister of Israel at the time (current Minister of Defense) and I received […]

The Universalist Holocaust

There are nice Jewish boys and girls who have read Anne Frank’s diary, visited Auschwitz and come away anti-semities. Of course they don’t call themselves that. They call themselves human rights activists, they board flotillas, they boycott Israeli products, smash Jewish store windows, hug terrorists and rationalize suicide bombers. And it’s not entirely their fault. […]

This is not about muslim women

There’s an Arab girl, Amina, who was sentenced to death by Islamists for showing her boobs. Some feminist activist groups in the west protested against that. Consequently, extreme-left-wingers and their Islamist allies are trying to frame those activists as racists by accusing them of generalizing muslim women and treating them as oppressed women in need […]