This is not about muslim women

o-AMINA-570There’s an Arab girl, Amina, who was sentenced to death by Islamists for showing her boobs. Some feminist activist groups in the west protested against that. Consequently, extreme-left-wingers and their Islamist allies are trying to frame those activists as racists by accusing them of generalizing muslim women and treating them as oppressed women in need of rescue. Well, don’t believe them. This is not about muslim women being oppressed. This is about Islamists oppressing women, regardless of their religion (well, particularly women who don’t really fit their concept of “muslim women”), and sentencing them to death. Don’t let the left-wing-nutters and their islamofacist friends tell you otherwise, and don’t let anyone silence you for speaking up against sexism, oppresion and murder. Amina and all freedom-loving women deserve better.


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