Our own creation

Whatever was of the native people of the land that today makes Portugal is long gone. The Romans occupied the region and obliterated the languages and religions of the people that lived in our land, our ancestors. We became speakers of the language of the Romans, and worshippers of the religion imported and controled by Rome. Long after the Romans were gone, our country was born to the world through the blessing of the Pope in Rome. It was Portugal’s existence as a country that created the Portuguese people. After 8 centuries of existing together and sharing a destiny we have managed to create something of an identity and some sense of peoplehood. But the truth is that we don’t have much because we lost most of our past. From whatever our ancestors brought into this world, nothing was left for us. Most of what we are now is not authentic, it is something imposed by foreign rule. Some people say the Jews are weak but the truth is that they are the real winners of History. They managed to overcome the Roman occupation, destruction and disposession, and survive. Survive as a people. Their ancestral language, religion and sense of peoplehood still lives. They are free and belong only to themselves. Our ancestors were exterminated from History, even though they were not killed. It will take a long time to make us truly ours, but it might be that someday we will live again as our own creation.


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