International Campaign: Letter to the Members of the European Parliament in support of Israel against Hamas


Standard e-mail text in: English, CatalanCroatian, CzechDanishDutchFrench, German, Hungarian, ItalianPolish, PortugueseSpanishSwedish.

E-mail addresses of the Members of the European Parliament by country. 

And SIGN the petition: Members and groups of the European Parliament: Stand with Israel against the terrorism of Hamas


The European Parliament will be discussing and voting a resolution on Israel’s war against Hamas terrorism this week. The debates will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 15,16) and the voting will occur on Thursday (July 17). As supporters of Israel and peace loving EU citizens we must unite and pressure the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to stand with Israel and against Hamas.

We have prepared a standard letter people can send to the MEPs and we are having it translated into as many EU languages as possible. If you can help with a translation please contact us ( or leave a comment with your contact (or you can also post the translation directly in a comment). This is the current status of the translations (as of July 16, 14h00 GMT):

Thank you very much!

– Romeu Monteiro

Twitter: @romeu


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