Support Israel against Hamas terrorism

To: European Parliament members and political groups
Subject: Support Israel against Hamas terrorism



Dear Member(s) of the European Parliament,

Together with other concerned European Union (EU) citizens, I have been following the ongoing events in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Israel is fighting a war to neutralize Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure and weapons in the long term, and we are aware that the European Parliament is working on a resolution addressing this issue. We want you to know that not only do we expect but demand that the European Parliament stands firmly on the side of Israel against the terrorism of Hamas.

Hamas is designated as a terror organization by the European Union. It has committed – and is committing – multiple war crimes by operating from civilian areas with operatives camouflaged as civilians and using civilians as human shields. Hamas has fired more than 12.000 rockets at Israeli towns since 2005 and is responsible for dozens of other terror attacks that targeted civilians in Israel. Not only does Israel have the right but also the obligation to use all means at its disposal to protect its citizens from terrorism. Were this happening anywhere in the EU, we would expect the same actions by EU states and full support from countries that are partners and friends of the EU.

Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip in 2005, in a bold and daring move for peace. It uprooted more than 8.000 of its citizens and removed all military presence. It abandoned all the border controls of Gaza, except for the Israeli border. This act was praised by the European Union, which affirmed its commitment with a secure Israel. In spite of that, Gaza has fallen under the rule of Hamas and – instead of becoming the beginning of a sovereign and prosperous Palestinian state – it has become a miniature terrorist state, a missile launch pad that spreads terror around it.

Now is the time to reaffirm the EU’s commitment with an Israel that is safe and free from threats. The European Parliament must send a clear message that it stands firmly on the side of Israel in dismantling all of Hamas’ terror capabilities in Gaza. The European Parliament must encourage EU member states to provide Israel with political, logistical and humanitarian support in this time of war. Anything less than complete support for the elimination of the terrorist threat from Gaza will signal that the European Union is not interested in peace based on a two-state solution with the exchange of land for peace, but merely on an exchange of territories for permanent terror and conflict.

Any pressure from the European Parliament for Israel to de-escalate the current military operation and towards a mere temporary suspension of Hamas’ terror is not politically or morally acceptable. It would never be acceptable for any EU country and it is not acceptable in Israel. It is the basic right of any civilian anywhere in the world to live free from threats to his or her life and safety, particularly those based on nationality, ethnicity or religion.

As peace loving EU citizens, we demand nothing less from the European Parliament than full support for Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorism and we are confident that you will take the right steps in that direction.

Best regards,


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